Leadership Principles

Principles for Elected Leaders

A core set of fundamental beliefs and practices should undergird all actions and decisions made as an elected federal official. Voters should select leaders who are guided by the right principles. The fundamental principles that leaders should follow are summarized as follows:

All policies and political positions should come from three strong sources of principle:
United States Constitution
Declaration of Independence
God’s word (foremost, “Love God and love others as yourself”)


Always tell the truth. Candidates and officeholders should be forthcoming with information.


What is the right thing to do? They do that. They avoid hypocrisy.


What will cause Americans and the world to respect the USA? They make this a priority.


With open minds, they listen, read, and learn before deciding.


Internally and abroad, these leaders strive for tranquility and stability.


How can the government and I help the people? That should be their only mindset.


They act and treat all others as persons made in the image of God.

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