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Quentin R. Wittrock
Founder, Principle Based Politics

Meet Quentin

An independent thinker, Quentin R. Wittrock, created Principle Based Politics as a forum to bring attention to the need for government leaders, particularly in our federal government, to put the right principles ahead of partisanship (and all other considerations).  Wittrock believes candidates and elected officials should govern the United States pursuant to principles, philosophies, and political positions that will help all Americans.

Wittrock retired in 2019 after 32 years as an international business litigation attorney with a large law firm headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.    

Our mission is to spread the idea of principles-based politics, with those principles leading to reasonable, rational federal policies that will help all Americans.
Our goal is to bring citizens alternatives to the extreme positions and partisanship seen in past federal elections.