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Selective Enforcement Support

Apart from when someone is killed by police, or when the FBI or Department of Justice investigates or charges (or does not charge) a politician that they happen to like, political partisans like to claim they “support law enforcement.”

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The Unwinnable Culture Wars

Everyone fights in the culture wars, but nobody likes cancel culture. The fighting is particularly nasty in politics. In this post, we attempt to promote cultural and political peace, not war.

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"Can you imagine a United States in which elected officials make decisions based solely on principles, and they govern pursuant to philosophies that will help all Americans? Our aim is to bring attention to the need for our national leaders to put principles—the right principles—ahead of political tribalism, extremism, and other bad motives."

More than ever, we need politics and government to be based on principles

America has reached an unprecedented and unhelpful level of political dissension. Election campaigns are negative and ugly. Party leaders “whip” their members into line so that all Republicans vote one way and all Democrats the other on nearly every bill. The country has been divided into blue and red teams, the leaders of which seem to want the other to fail nearly as badly as they want the United States to succeed.


Principle Based Politics is a forum created to inspire Americans and our leaders to think beyond us-versus-them and instead focus on elevating positive principles, positive philosophies, and positive positions on issues of public policy. Only that will restore confidence in our government. Politics based on principle alone will produce better laws, and it certainly will lead to a better law-making process. In short, adherence to principles will preserve democracy.

Leaders and the government as a whole should be guided by principles

Learn about the principled beliefs we should seek out in our leaders, and the philosophies and practices that should form the basis of all policy decisions

What does politics based on principles
look like in practice?

Ample sources reveal principles that apply to leaders and governments. From the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution of the United States to the Bible, we find principles as helpful today as they were for their original readers. Click below to learn about the policy positions and thought process these sources suggest for our elected leaders, candidates, the voting public, the media, and our federal government as a whole.

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P is for Mike Pence

Former vice president Mike Pence is running to be nominated, elected, and then inaugurated at the same spot where threats were made against him on January 6, 2021. Let’s review his policy positions and principles

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H is for Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley, a former governor and U.S. ambassador, is running for the Republican nomination in 2024, in hopes of ending the status quo. We provide a look at what she offers to voters.

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Goodwill Hunt(er)ing

Hunter Biden is not running for president, but his father is. These well-known circumstances mean that the son’s conduct alone is immaterial to the race, but Joe Biden’s involvement could be very relevant.

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Principle Based Politics is a nonprofit dedicated to the belief that American government leaders should put the right principles ahead of partisanship.

We provide a forum to educate and discuss important issues impacting all Americans.