Biden’s Buyin’ You

Biden’s Buyin’ You

I feel like I have found a copy of the White House Plan for Tenant Retention. All I did was read the newspaper headlines over the last week, and there it was: “Biden Courts Young Voters with Looser Rules on Marijuana” and then, of course, “More Student Debt Will be Cancelled.”

Get the young adult vote. Check.

Political pandering is not something Joe Biden’s campaign staff has invented. This particular re-election effort, however, does seem highly focused on (a) determining which demographics he needs to win this November and then (b) making offers to the members of those demographic groups, starting with the youngest of voters.

He Thinks Your Vote is for Sale

If you are young, you are really important to President Biden. In addition to the aforementioned legal pot and loan payback, the President has a few less obvious gifts for you. First, he thinks most college-age youths are against Israel, so he condemns the Israeli efforts in Gaza and gives lip service to calling for cease fires. He also thinks you might want an abortion someday, so he makes a great show of his pro-choice stances. More on this point later.

If you are old, President Biden purports to ensure your monthly income by taking Social Security “off the table.” (In truth, this inaction actually will jeopardize your benefits in seven or eight years and will leave your offspring high and dry, but perhaps based on his own personal cognitive experience, he hopes you are unable to comprehend this.)

If you are black, the Biden campaign desperately wants to hold onto your support because reports keep coming out that former President Trump has made inroads with your racial demographic. So, the White House touts its social programs and Biden retains Kamala Harris as his running mate for fear of angering you by making a change.

If you aren’t among “the rich,” he proposes to leave your taxes at current rates – that is, unless you happen to make $400,000 in household income some year. If you are that fortunate, then Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. says he will (metaphorically) change his middle name to Robin Hood, take from you as a member of the rich, and give your money to the poor.

If you buy tickets, be they of the airline or concert variety, President Biden will use the power of the Oval Office to reduce the ticket fees you pay. Query: where does the Constitution say this is a proper federal role?

If you use drugs of the prescription kind, he has something for you almost as good as the wacky weed he’s offering your grass-fed friends. For you pharmaceutical buyers, it is lower prices on drugs like insulin.

If you are a woman, Joe Biden honestly loves you, he says. Oddly, he primarily shows his affection by assuring you that you (and your daughter and granddaughter – unless they were aborted themselves) will be able to have an abortion whenever desired, for any reason. In truth, he just loves your vote, so he is promising to fight for your “reproductive freedom” and “health care” because he thinks you really, really care about this issue. Similarly, the Biden campaign repeatedly tells you that all females are threatened by the so-called “Republican war on women,” led by his White House opponent.

With Your Assets

What the Biden campaign does not tell you is that somebody has to pay for all of the things he is offering you, and that somebody is more than just “big corporations,” “the government,” or even “the rich.”

That somebody is you, your children, your neighbors, your friends.

Those Social Security checks? Eventually, either payroll or general taxes must be raised or benefits will be cut or postponed. It’s as simple as that. Your student loan is not being “forgiven;” it is being paid off for you by taxpayers, such as yourself now or down the road. Free child care and other forms of welfare? The cost is both a loss of dignity on your part and higher taxes on everyone’s part. Note: higher taxes hurt economies.

Those capped pharmaceutical costs will be paid for by reduced availability of saving medicines or higher costs on other treatments. And, speaking of drugs, those looser rules on marijuana will be paid for by increased societal costs for healthcare, crime, and unemployment.

There is no free lunch, literally. Remember this when you consider selling your vote for one.

Written by Quentin R. Wittrock, founder of Principle Based Politics. 

Look for his posts each week, as this blog will explore and promote the idea of principle in politics, both as to individual elected leaders and our federal government as an institution.

Principle Based Politics does not endorse or support any particular political candidate or party.

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