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Taxation: Applying Principles to Issues

How high should federal income tax rates be? Only as high as necessary to pay the nation’s bills. The same is true for estate taxes, although there is something more to be said for taxing the estates of wealthy people instead of raising corporate or individual income taxes.

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Climate Change: Applying Principles

On the South Island of New Zealand, the Franz Josef Glacier is a major destination for tourists. As you approach after a long hike, the glacier begins to appear, way ahead in the distance, wedged in between two mountains. And soon you come to a

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Law Enforcement: Applying Principles

While most cases don’t involve a presidential assassination attempt, and normal crimes can be handled by sheriffs and police officers, some federal, state, and local cooperation on training standards will enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement all around. The feds first must make sure they set a good example.

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