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My Father’s Politics

Born into a large Iowa farm family in 1928, my father saw what made and still makes America great. He died yesterday, but his lasting impact, plus his country, will live on.

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America’s Fork in the Road

What may seem like a divided nation about to get farther and farther apart on separate paths (like the sign in the photo here), may not be. Viewed from another perspective, the same sign could represent two divergent trails coming together.

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Principled Reaction to National Tragedies

Terrorism, weather calamities, financial crises, and pandemics have one thing in common—these tragedies often call for national responses. Too often, however, the responses have devolved into partisan politics and advantage-taking.

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Labor and Employment: Applying Principles

Does everyone know there is an entire department of the federal government whose stated purpose is to assist in labor and employment matters? Perhaps government intervention is not the kind of “help” that business or workers want or need.

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