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Bending the Rules through Political Games

Politics is serious, crucial business. Politics never should be treated as a game, with the goal to win for one’s self or even one’s team. If you enjoy games or politics, review some being played in Washington, D.C. and rules being broken in the process.

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Things are more expensive today than they were just a year ago, which is an increasing problem for our nation. Inflation is not the most uplifting topic to study, but there are lessons that Americans and our country should learn.

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War on the Basis of Principles

In its history, America has declared war and joined military conflicts at least 25 times. All of that combat led to the deaths of 1.3 million U.S. military personnel and the wounding of countless others. It cost trillions of tax dollars. But wars also have helped preserve sovereign boundaries, freedom, democracy, and national alliances.

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If Roe v. Wade is Overturned

Experts are predicting the Supreme Court’s prior rulings that have legalized abortion will be overturned through the upcoming decision in a case argued Wednesday. What will and should be next for the complex issue of choice/abortion in America?

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Stuck in the Middle with You

The far left and far right are polarizing America in an attempt to win votes and power. The rest of us must stick together and not fall victim to polarization. We cannot let them make fools of us!

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Thankful for Modern Politics?

It is Thanksgiving week. Is there anything for which to give thanks about politics? If nothing else, as any good Midwesterner always will tell you, we have seen worse.

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