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Lessons from War

From the profoundly painful lessons of war to messages of hope and inspiration, Ukraine is teaching us a few things. Here is what we are learning and should try to remember from the current war.

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Time for an Appointment

We are about to have the first Supreme Court nomination by the current administration. As a campaign strategy, President Biden announced in advance the gender and race of his first nominee. As a political strategy, senators are announcing in advance their opposition or support.

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Say It Ain’t So, Joe

“Field of Dreams,” a movie adapted from the book “Shoeless Joe,” refers to a young man who made it to the big time but saw his career end in disappointment. After reading this retelling of Joe’s story, you may agree that the lessons that particular Joe learned may be instructive, even in national politics, today.

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America looks divided and weakening through leaders’ eyes in both Russia and China. Here is a vision of how this dilemma can be helped.

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Do “We Need Term Limits”?

Groundhog Day is as good as any to examine the perennial question of whether we need term limits for federal offices, particularly the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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National Therapy

For two years, Americans have suffered from the relentless plague that is Covid, and we have seen severe strife and crime in our cities and schools, while simultaneously being hit by a unique form of PTSD. We need mental health care.

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