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It is primary election season, and votes cast now will shape the races for mid-term congressional elections, governor races, and many other aspects of the political future. Don’t wait to get educated only when the general election rolls around in November.

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An Independent President

“The Father of the Nation” and “The Body,” in addition to being military men, both were political independents. Today, we explore the value of independence in high executive office.

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Joe Biden’s Final Two Years

There comes a time when the most helpful thing a leader can do is stop, reconsider, and go forward toward a new goal. Now is President Biden’s time to do something bold, something selfless, something unusual for any politician.

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45 = 47?

Most Americans with a pulse probably have given some thought to the prospect of Donald Trump returning to the White House. But, have you really performed an objective analysis?

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A Son’s Laptop, A Wife’s Texts

Have you heard that the current President’s son previously tried to profit from his father’s power? And, have you heard that a conservative Justice’s wife supported overturning the 2020 election? Here are our thoughts on the way these sordid tales are told.

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The Principle Revolution

The people of the United States need to turn away from the revolting tribalism, polarization, extremism, partisanship and narcissism seen in way too may elected leaders. We need a peaceful and effective revolution. A revolution of principles.

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